Our Personal Gear


Clairtone G2 console (Garrard Lab80mkII with Shure M91ED and N97E stylus)
Clairtone G3 console (Garrard 3000 with EV279 DS)
Phillips 22GA427/66z with Shure M75ED type 2 cartridge
Technics SL-1950 with Pickering V/15 Series-4 cartridge with EVG 822-DEE,  Pfanstiehl 4822-DEE, and EVG 4606-DEX/606-DEX/PM4052DE (Stanton D6800EE) styli
Electrohome Orbit
Garrard Lab 40

Amps and Pre-amps

Hafler P3000 trans-nova
Carver M-400t power cube
Carver C-2 preamp
Alesis RA-100 reference amp


Magneplanar MG-I IMP
Tannoy PBM 8 II
Wharfedale 15’s


AKG K553 (32 ohm)
Beyer Dynamic DT-150 (250 ohm)
Beyer Dynamic DT-770 PRO (80 ohm)Sennheiser HD pro (64 ohm)
Audio Technica ATH-M50x (38 ohm)
Pioneer Monitor 10 (24 ohm)

Maintenance Equipment

Revolution Dynamics® Velvet Undergroove® wet/dry vacuum cleaning system
Revolution Dynamics® Dustmatic® stylus cleaner (the cleaning element is softer and has 98 times more elasticity than unicorn skin!)
Revolution Dynamics® Label Shield® screw down wet clean label protector

Audio Technica AT6012X velvet disc brush
generic folding Carbon Fibre [sic] Cleaner